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Individuals and Families

Traditional “advisors” tend to only focus on investments and insurance that they either manage or sell you. Our approach is to truly become your household CFO. We believe our best shot at enhancing our client’s wealth and assisting them in obtaining their financial and personal goals is to focus on directing household cash flow to appropriate savings vehicles.  This in conjunction with debt management allows us to optimize the household balance sheet. This includes goal prioritization, optimizing asset allocation amongst investment accounts, ensuring proper insurance coverage and minimizing tax liabilities.
Safeguarding care of parents as they age, planning for a child’s college education, or ensuring your legacy is carried on as you intend, goal based financial planning is a necessity. For most families, this goal prioritization is an essential first step in the planning process. 
Below is a list of ongoing planning scenarios that arise during our relationships with Individual & Family clients:

  • Cash Flow / Budget analysis
  • Investment Management & Reporting
  • Education Planning
  • Employee Benefit optimization
  • Estate Planning
  • Multi-Generational (Family) Planning
  • Charitable Giving Planning
  • Goal Setting & Prioritization
  • Balance Sheet & Statement of Net Worth reviews
  • Medical & Long-term Care Planning
  • Debt Management
  • Retirement Planning
  • Insurance Planning & Risk Management
  • Income Tax Planning

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Business Owners

Growing a business is a difficult undertaking in the modern world.  Business owners must navigate a myriad of tax laws and regulations while trying to profitably create products or services, manage their employees, and develop and cultivate clients.
Often times business owners are too absorbed in their business to tend to their own financial needs, and they may also overlook key planning considerations that could help their business grow and prosper. Also, the livelihood of a business owner can be imperiled when unexpected events occur that adversely affect the bottom line of the business.
Capital360Financial, LLC is in a highly unique position to serve business owners. With the professional staff on hand, we can serve as your trusted advisor to go far beyond a traditional “financial advisor.” Capital360Financial, LLC has a network of trusted CPAs, attorney’s, insurance agents and banking relationships to ensure your business has the right team driving it forward.
As always, our fee ONLY approach helps ensure that the services and recommendations provided by Capital360Financial, LLC are in the best interests of the business and its stakeholders. 
Below is a common list of services that we engage with business owners:

  • Retirement plan analysis, improvement, implementation, and employee education
  • Insurance analysis for personal, key-man and buy-sell agreements
  • Employee Benefit analysis and enhancement
  • Business Consulting Tax Planning Tax Preparation (A network of trusted CPAs.)
  • Succession Planning “Quarterbacking” critical projects with a team of attorney’s, insurance agents and bankers

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Medical Professionals

A physician’s career is characterized by transition, challenge, and reward. Seemingly overnight one’s income leaps and the ability to begin actively pursuing personal dreams and financial goals becomes a reality. However, this point is the culmination of a tireless pursuit which includes years filled with long hours, low pay, and for many, mounting student loans. Financial freedom doesn’t happen overnight – it takes time, consistent energy, and methodical effort. This is why financial planning for physicians, and even financial planning for medical residents, is important. For a physician, losing time to a poorly devised financial plan is avoidable. Working with an advisor who specializes in financial planning for doctors can help save you that time.
Many physicians will find themselves in the top 10% of wage earners, paying higher tax rates, and running into challenges with fully realizing credits and claiming deductions. Should an individual own or partner in a practice, integrating personal and business taxes presents an added challenge. Physicians are at greater risk of lawsuit, necessitating the introduction of asset protection strategies within the scope of the financial plan. The financial advisor for doctors can help navigate these waters.
A financial plan can help alleviate these risks, though given the uniqueness of a physician’s career, it should also be anything but typical. Goals should be properly designed and formulated with the same care and effort as the credentials one has earned. An individual’s financial plan will be thoughtfully aligned with their objectives, thus giving the confidence that one’s financial ambitions are achievable. At Capital360Financial, our team of advisors are extensively trained, and well versed in financial planning for physicians in all stages of their career.
If you are still in training, you may ask yourself, "Is financial planning for medical residents even worth it?"  Absolutely!  Financial planning for medical residents is something we strongly encourage.  It is a lot easier to establish good habits early in your career.  While financial planning for doctors in practice may be different than financial planning for medical residents, there are still plenty of steps to build a solid foundation that should be implemented sooner rather than later. 

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We are well versed in the challenges and opportunities available to all engineering professionals and recognize that your time is valuable, regardless of your current stage in life.

Engineers often build their wealth from scratch. You know your strengths and are not afraid to delegate. You want to understand how your finances are managed and are not afraid to ask tough questions. Prudent planning and strategic measurements help guide your high standards, and you have the patience to follow the process necessary to meet your goals.

Capital360Financial can work with you individually to ensure you have a strategic financial plan to help meet your unique needs, future goals, and personal financial questions or navigate intricate compensation packages.

Benefit from partnering with a financial advisor who understands the risks and rewards of your profession and can provide sophisticated, convenient financial services to help you meet your life's goals. Education is a consistent focus in our client relationships, as we help you navigate through the various life stages of your career and then match those stages with appropriate financial strategies.

Engineers – Life Stages and Financial Planning Concerns

For those immediately graduating from college, we guide you through the beginning stages of finding a job, structuring student loan payments and housing transitions.

Years 1 – 3 for an engineer typically include financial planning conversations around student loans, understanding employee benefits, budgeting and saving, billable hours, and building emergency reserves. Additional topics include income protection, liability protection, establishing short-term/mid-term goals, and any vacation or travel plans.

Years 3 – 5 often focus on key financial concerns with climbing the career ladder. Employee benefits, student loans, homeownership, and starting a family may be essential in your life. With these increased responsibilities, there may be a need for increased income protection, asset protection, and various customized retirement strategies. Engineers often face whether to go with public service or private or whether to work in a large firm vs. a small firm.

Years 5-15 bring many aspects of work-life balance into focus. Sometimes there are daycare costs, student loans, and other vital financial concerns such as retirement, asset protection, income protection, or home ownership. Every engineer needs to create a will and monitor their asset allocations. College for kids, plans for aging parents, vacations and travel plans, and wedding costs are all potentially relevant factors within this stage.

Years 10 – 20 is the perfect season to maximize your savings. Consider liability coverage or partnership buy-in. Do you want to invest in group benefits, partnership agreements, or buy-in/out provisions of partners? You may need to navigate the best way to pay staff, practice overhead protection, and ensure Healthcare benefits and income continuity.

When engineers reach the 30+ year mark of their career, we will likely shift our focus to running out of money, long-term care needs, asset depletion, succession planning, and business valuation. It's important to consider adjusting investment allocations, medical care costs, and college costs for kids. Asset transference, estate planning, and legacy giving strategies provide a well-rounded approach to consider within the retirement life stage.

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Financial Planning for Doctors in All Stages of Their Career

Residents and Fellows
In becoming a physician, the path first starts with education. At Capital360Financial, we believe that the development of a sound financial plan should start with these same principles. During training, physicians are often confronted with retirement plans and benefits packages, both of which require informed decision making. Residents and fellows will need to begin charting a path for loan repayment, determining whether public repayment, loan forgiveness or private consolidation platforms are the best match for their intended career path. Exploring options for near-term savings goals, disability coverage, life insurance, and IRAs are all planning areas that every resident and fellow should begin considering. Building a relationship with a financial advisor for physicians, who understands financial planning for medical residents in particular, is a great starting point to addressing the unique decisions at this stage.
Regardless of one’s ability to begin working towards their financial goals, taking the time to begin learning about options and becoming informed about the accounts, policies and strategies one may employ will be timely. The seeds for future financial aspirations can be planted and for some young physicians, the pursuit of financial objectives can begin in earnest.
In Practice
As an attending physician, financial plans truly begin to take shape as concept and strategy are put to work. Assets grow, obligations are extinguished, and plans speed towards meeting the stated goals. In short, every prior preparation comes into fruition.
At the same time, professional and personal demands remain and the time frame for meeting goals becomes limited. Early efforts should hopefully find a plan on track, but it’s natural to see plans change too. It becomes all the more important to involve professional financial, tax, and legal advice along the way to make sure efforts stay on course.
With proper savings habits established, planning shifts to ongoing portfolio monitoring. It’s important to complete regular reviews of the asset and account mix to make sure investments remain properly diversified and aligned with overall timelines. Retirement projections should be developed which will inform ongoing investment and savings levels, and allow for reasonable adjustments based on anticipated results. This holds true for educational savings accounts should they have been introduced to the plan.
It’s also at this stage where it makes sense to meet with an attorney to ensure legal documents are in proper order. This may compel changes to the insurance portfolio. It is advisable to add coverage where necessary when exposure remains, or begin to shift the insurance portfolio to address risks as they change. For example, it may be time to move from disability coverage to a long-term care policy to better preserve assets through retirement, or fold in additional life insurance coverage to meet estate, charitable, or tax planning needs.
Practice Owners
For those physicians that have the opportunity to own or partner within a practice, an already unique situation is compounded by additional levels of complexity. In addition to managing and planning for one’s household and family, a practice owner will be faced with assuming and paying the debts associated with the business, as well as determining the growth and direction for the practice. Owners will be tasked with developing a benefits package and establishing retirement plans. Planning for the tax structure of the practice, and integrating this with personal tax filings, while also taking strides to properly separate personal assets from practice and business-related liability takes thoughtful planning.
Working with Capital360Financial, we’ll create a uniform map for the direction of your business, coordinating and complimenting the efforts of your tax and legal team. Your time is freed up to focus on what really matters as you attend to the needs of your patients, while also growing your business, another important piece of your financial portfolio.
The best financial advisor for doctors is one who has experience working in that niche market.  If you are looking for a financial advisor for physicians, you have come to the right place.  Many members of our team specialize in physician wealth management, student loans, insurance planning, and more.  If you choose to reach out to us, we look forward to seeing how we can help you achieve your financial goals! 

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Corporate Executives

Making good wealth management decisions with the assets you’ve worked so hard to achieve. 

C-suite and senior-level executives have unique wealth management challenges as a result of corporate compensation structures, especially the accumulation of financial assets invested in various forms of company stock. We help our executive clients by advising on the compensation negotiation, identifying ways to help protect personal and professional assets due to an oversized position, and taxation issues triggered by equity-based and deferred compensation. 

Capital360Financial works with corporate executives to help simplify these complex issues and more. Managing the many layers of personal compensation and benefits packages can often be a time consuming and burdensome task.  Our role is to alleviate that burden by performing the analytics to help quantify your benefits as a part of your overall financial planning goals. 

How We Help 

  • Assess and provide recommendations on your corporate benefits including: 401(k) plans, deferred compensation plans, non-qualified savings plans, stock option plans, restricted stock plans, performance award plans, stock appreciation rights, employee stock purchase plans, life and disability insurance plans. 
  • Devise a deferral strategy and provide investment options for employer provided retirement plans. 
  • Quantify the current and expected future value of stock option awards. Design an exercise strategy to help to maximize value, manage risk and plan for financial independence. 
  • Evaluate your employer stock concentration and exercise strategy in relation to 10b5 1 plans, black out trading windows and minimum holding requirements. We’ll help you manage your stock concentrations to tax efficiently reduce your risk. 
  • Proactive tax planning: create a schedule of taxable items wages, stock options, restricted stock, etc.) to strategize annual financial planning decisions specific to your situation. 
  • Create proactive recommendations for financial planning strategies using your corporate benefits as the funding vehicle. 
  • Analyze current investments: provide information on your portfolio’s current risk and return attributes and cost structure. We’ll provide recommendations to help increase the efficiency of the risk and return relationship and reduce cost. 
  • Construct a long-term cash flow and retirement plan. The model will create an identity to your current and future financial situation and serve as a guide to help you make good planning decisions. 


Women in Transition

From career-woman to wife/partner, and from caring mom to single-motherhood, separation and divorce – women go through more transitions during a lifetime than most of us realize. And through it all, women often juggle several balls simultaneously, doing the best they can, while often hoping for the best. However, LIFE HAPPENS, and that’s why we’re here to help women navigate through all of those transitions safely and securely.

Why Transition Planning and Support is Important

Women are often considered the more “resilient” of the sexes – and for good reason. But with so many different hats to wear – some of them simultaneously – there’s always the risk that you might make some missteps.

Whether it’s the challenge of starting a family, managing a career, paying for that new home, funding your child’s education, dealing with separation or divorce, or acting as caregiver to an aging parent – you need help as you transition through all of those roles. And that’s exactly what our caring, experienced and qualified professionals are here to provide you.

What We Can Do For You

Our multi-disciplinary teams come together to offer women the right type of transitioning planning and support. No matter what your needs are, we have the experience to help you through every transition in your life.

Here’s a preview of what our Women in Transition planning and support service covers:

  • Preparing you for transition: Our experience, backed by statistical evidence, shows us that most women aren’t as “plugged-in” to the family finances as they ought to be. So, when the disability or sudden death of a spouse leaves women facing an unplanned transition into the role of family Chief Financial Officer (CFO) – most are ill prepared! Our trained and certified professionals will help you through these uncertain times.
  • Financial decision-making: Women facing separation or divorce often face a crisis of identity, that’s compounded by the fact that they feel overwhelmed by the financial implications of this stage of their lives. Transitioning from married to single-again often results in financial challenges (some rather acrimonious!) that most women find stressful. Without the right professional advice, uninformed decisions can be made that could leave you and your dependent family members (children or wards) at a huge disadvantage for the rest of your lives.
  • Starting afresh: A woman transitioning into yet another phase of her life might need to consider moving house, downsizing, or taking on a second mortgage. Our loan and mortgage specialists can offer you a variety of ingenious options to address those needs.
  • Women-specific advice and counseling: Women in transition have a whole set of financial challenges and needs that are unique only to women. But you don’t have to go it alone. From making investment decisions, to dealing with divorce and separation mediation, arbitration or litigation, to planning for life after widowhood, divorce or separation, to assuring a secure retirement on your own terms – our experienced team of women advisors are here to help!

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Financial services for young professionals

You may just be starting out, but it's important to begin your plan on the right foot! Our financial planning engagements for young professionals are flexible and do not require a minimum investment balance, so our relationship can grow as the complexity of your finances do.
Investing services for young professionals

We often come across young professionals who are not saving and investing for the future in step with their long-term plans. Many would do better with guidance or a second opinion on 401(k), 403(b), or other plans.

Our flexible arraignments can be for periodic check-ins on-going professional Wealth Management, or provide you with the analysis and advice to do-it-yourself 

You’ve reached a point in your career that you have the means to begin investing more seriously for your future. You may have new benefit options – such as stock options or restricted stock – works due to promotions, and want to make sure to take full advantage while making smart financial moves.
It is critical to get your plans started on the right path.
We help young professionals by: 

  • Analyzing the best places to save for your future, taking into account current and future taxes, diversification, and liquidity. 
  • Optimizing your benefit options, while seeking to lower the risks associated with your plan.
  • Reviewing all of the risks you face, and making sure you have appropriate protection plans in place.
  • Providing you with an investment philosophy that maximizes your short and long-term goals.

So, what are your options as a young professional without significant assets to manage.  Most our young professionals choose the monthly fixed financial planning service or hourly financial planning service. 

Hourly Financial Planning

Who’s it for?
You have specific money questions or issues that you need advice on, you prefer to pay for only what you need, and you do not need an on-going relationship nor investment management.

What kinds of Money Questions Can We Help With?

  • Employee Benefits - 401k Allocation, Stock Options, Restricted Stock, Health Savings Accounts, Flexible Spending Accounts, Deferred Compensation
  • Insurance - Life, Disability, Long-Term Care
  • Investments - Allocation, Risk, Projections, Cost Analysis, Cash Balances
  • Taxes - Tax Planning, Deduction Maximization, Optimization, Coordination 
  • Estate Planning - Wills, Trust, Health Care Proxies, Power of Attorney, Letter of Instruction 
  • Retirement - Projections, Planning, Spend Down Decisions, Answer to "Am I on Track?" 
  • Housing - Rent vs. Buy Decisions, Deduction Optimizations, Long-term Projections
  • Budgeting - Spending Analysis, Expense Reduction Strategies, Debt Payoff
  • Liabilities - Debt Optimization, Refinance Decisions, Restructuring
  • Risk - Home, Auto, Umbrella, Cyber Security, Emergency Fund
  • Open Enrollment & Social Security Optimization


$325 per hour
Our rate is $325per hour. Often, we will need one billable hour to review your documents and prepare for our initial meeting or call. 

Subsequent calls can be booked in as little as 15-minute increments.  

Monthly Fixed Fee Financial Planning

Who’s it for?

You want an on-going, pro-active relationship with your financial planner that starts with a comprehensive financial plan, and includes regularly scheduled meetings to keep you on track, plus unlimited emails & calls between meetings.

What's Included?


  • Comprehensive financial plan
  • At least two meetings to start our relationship.
  • Regular six-month review meeting
  • Workplace Open Enrollment Advice
  • Personal Financial Website
  • Referrals to other professionals within our extensive network
  • Advice on investment allocation on all investment accounts
  • Dedicated service model
  • Unlimited emails/calls


300 - $1,500 per month
(depending on complexity)

The above fee schedule applies to new clients of Capital360Financial, LLC and is subject to negotiation.

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