At Capital360Financial Advisors, we have our clients — and our clients only — in mind.

  • We pride ourselves on our independence and transparency -- integrity is at our core.
  • We provide unbiased advice -- driven by your goals.
  • We give you our undivided loyalty -- a partnership built on trust.
  • We are dedicated to helping you reach your financial objectives -- whatever they may be.

We Are Fee-Only and Free From Conflicts of Interest

While working with Capital360Financial Advisors, our clients can have confidence that their best interests are at the heart of our advice. As a Fee-Only firm, our advisors provide unbiased advice to keep clients on track to achieve their financial goals. Fee-Only firms are fiduciaries.

We are Fiduciaries

The fiduciary standard of care means that the only thing that motivates your advisor is what is best for you. There are no external influences upon your advisor to favor certain products because we do not sell any products. We recommend Interactive Broker as our independent custodian to hold and safeguard our clients’ assets. We are solely compensated by you.

Fee-only advisors — fiduciaries — like us, are legally and ethically required to act in your best interest at all times. That means you can always...

  • Expect unbiased advice based on your unique goals.
  • Expect undivided loyalty.
  • Expect complete transparency.
  • Expect full disclosure of fees.



  • Preparing a personalized financial plan is a separate one-time flat fee. The fee is based on the scope and complexity of the financial engagement.  This fee and the scope of the assignment are agreed to in writing before the engagement begins.   Once someone becomes a client of the firm, subsequent financial planning advice is provided for no additional fee and is considered a service to clients as part of the investment management fee.   

So, why would you choose C3F?

Our independence serves as a basis to create a personalized investment strategy tailored to meeting your financial goals. We provide objective, well-researched, goals-driven advice and insight.

In other words, working to achieve financial peace of mind that can help you…

  • Work towards life’s exciting milestones like buying a house, achieving financial independence, or enjoying a high standard of living throughout a long life.
  • Achieve your dream to fully fund your child’s college education, and perhaps, your grandchild’s.
  • Weather the storm when the unanticipated hits like an unexpected disability or death in the family.
  • Withstand short-term market volatility knowing your plan is diversified and aligned with your personal time horizon.
  • Plan for a long awaited career change, so you can live your very best life today and into the future.
  • Contribute to a valued charity and positively impact your community.

Your financial peace of mind can result from thoughtful, proactive financial planning coupled with asset management aligned with your unique goals.

  • Please call us at 417 350 1113 or email us to receive a copy of our investment management fee schedule. Please call to discuss your financial planning objectives or your need to understand your finances when negotiating a marital divorce or separation