It’s not all about the stock market...

The stock market may drive growth, but our approach to Wealth Management begins with a solid overall plan. Some wealth managers are eager to demonstrate their prowess in the stock market, but there is so much more that plays a key role in your overall rate of return. We make it clear from our initial complimentary meeting that timing the market is not our primary concern. And, your financial peace of mind is not derived from monitoring the market’s ups and downs.

With this in mind, we follow a few key guidelines with our investment management approach.

First and foremost -- We are fiduciaries. We created this firm because we value our independence when advising our clients. As fiduciaries, we work to identify which investment vehicles are right for you given your unique goals. We are not swayed to invest in one investment versus another for our sake. We are required, regulated, and frankly, proud to put your interests first.


We are committed to setting ourselves apart from the sea of wealth management firms by always putting our clients first in all that we do.

Our decisions are goals-based. Different goals require different approaches. We strongly consider the implications of fees and taxes in the portfolio construction, and naturally, portfolios match our client’s risk profile, time horizon and investment objective.

We may have a different allocation for your retirement accounts than for your college savings accounts or that money earmarked for your vacation home -- it’s all relative to the objective.

Proactive practices are core to our overall strategy. Our lives are constantly changing. Regularly scheduled reviews are vital to ensure that you are on track towards your investment goals and that your investments remain appropriate for those goals. Behind the scenes, we conduct consistent assessments of underlying investments in our portfolios and adjust as necessary.

Tax-advantaged planning is a core tenet of our process. We can help you maximize returns by accessing a vast array of resources and tools, including potential tax implications. We want your portfolio positioned to reap the rewards of market upswings without losing any gains to mismanaged tax planning.


The Three Essentials Of Successful Financial Planning




When clients feel organized, we believe it’s easier for them to manage their finances and investments. Like a clean house or an organized desk, less clutter is calming. We offer a platform where clients can easily see and track investments all in one place. This allows clients to focus on their futures.



By having a professional continually monitor client’s unique financial plan and investments, it helps our clients focus on the other areas of their lives. We stand ready to support our clients whenever they have a question, concern, or financial decision to make that they’re uncertain about.



Clarifying the most important goals and creating a plan to pursue those goals can give our clients confidence. We want our clients to enjoy life today feeling confident that they are on track for their futures.